Title Case Offices

Our design for Title Case, a typography studio in San Francisco, is approached as a spatial puzzle that can be reconfigured indefinitely. Title Case is a joint venture between two independent typographers – both of whom moved from New York at different times, met is San Francisco and are partnering on the space and various events within it, while maintaining independent practices. Both partners plan to eventually expand into separate spaces. We addressed this temporary condition through the development of permanent modular components (shelving, desks, benches, cabinets) proportionately designed in dimension and detail for easy reconfiguration within this space and transferrable to new spaces. At Title Case, working space becomes instructional space, instructional space becomes lounge space and everything can be moved to the perimeter to act as backdrop for social gatherings, lectures and parties. Designed for a permanent state of flux in program, this project produces a permanently nomadic plan for a single space. The clients participate in the making of the space everyday and use the framework of the design as a platform for their own experimentations in occupation.